Maritim Vandring and privacy

You are use Maritime Vandring without providing any information about yourself.
Maritim Vandring does not store any information from the users of the app.

We would nevertheless like to bring your attention to access when using the Maritim Vandring app:


In order for Maritim Vandring to work optimally, the app needs access to certain features on your phone. You may choose to turn off access to these features, but certain features may then not be available or not function optimally. You turn off access in the settings on your phone.

Maritim Vandring requests access to:


Location services are used to show you routes in the municipality you are currently in.
Location services are also used to show your location on the map and update the content of the app to where you are located.

Mobile data

An Internet connection is required to use all of the services in the app. If mobile data is turned off, you must have access to a wireless network (Wi-Fi).